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Casa Siepelunga

Casa Siepelunga

Assistance, hospitality and free support for children with cancer and their families in the city of Bologna.


Dealing with a disease such as childhood cancer is a struggle that puts children and families to the test, both for the great emotional-psychological load and on the economic level.

For this reason we have chosen to support the activity of AGEOP Ricerca Odv, an association that has been working since 1982 within the Pediatric Oncohematology Department of the IRCCS - S. Orsola General Hospital in Bologna, offering free assistance, hospitality and support to families and children for throughout the duration of the disease. This represents the only concrete possibility for many families of having their children access the most effective therapies in a context of protected reception that gives them the necessary support to face this path.

Casa Siepelunga is one of the largest accommodation facilities where young patients and their families have private mini-apartments available where they can benefit from the necessary intimacy. It is here that we have contributed in the restructuring and renewal of the spaces to adapt them to the new needs of families and make the environments even more functional, welcoming and child-friendly.

In particular, the following were created:

  • A psycho-oncological listening point where patients and families can meet with the A.G.E.O.P.  psychologists with special attention to social rehabilitation and support in the stop phase and in the end of therapy phase, self-help groups supported by the staff, paths for parents in mourning;
  • An apartment for five people that can accommodate the little patient, the bone marrow donor brother, the parents and another member of the family;
  • An apartment for four people for children and families with a bone marrow donor brother.



Location: Bologna

Association: A.G.E.O.P Ricerca Onlus

Beneficiaries: 140 patients per year

Total contribution: Up to 100.000,00 euros

Duration: 2017