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Casa di Quartiere San Bao

Casa di Quartiere San Bao

An outdoor education project to offer a safe place to the whole community.


La Rosa district in Brindisi is inhabited by elderly and families with minors who often experience economical and social disadvantaged situations: they need support and a place that represents a reference point for their daily lives. It’s from here that our support intervention for NAUKLEROS – a Social Cooperative Society that deals with education for sustainable development – comes from: a method that aims to help develop in children, elderly and adults the necessary skills to act in an increasingly green perspective. For this reason, our support has contributed to the enhancement of the large spaces immersed in nature of ad abandoned nursery school that has come back to life, becoming a safe and innovative place open to the community: Casa di Quartiere San Bao, which is part of the Network of Homes of Brindisi District.

Offered services range from psychological support – with first listening and reception desks, mutual help groups, psychotherapeutic supervision – to practical or training activities – with experiential workshops, gentle gymnastics, design, refresher courses – up to family support services and fight against child educational poverty.

Every activity has as its goal the protection of people’s health and well-being and, at the same time, the redevelopment of the territory, which starts with the restructuring of school spaces and extends to initiatives that lead people to actively participate in city life: meeting opportunities, of “culture and cultivation” that will enhance Brindisi’s potential, where there is already a large network that wants to strengthen the local economy thanks to the support of associations, social enterprises and citizens, with the aim of making the neighborhood and the surrounding areas places where we can grow together.



City: Brindisi

Association: NAUKLEROS Social Cooperative Society

Intended beneficiaries: 500 families

Contribution: up to € 75.000

Period: October 2020