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Sport Power

Sport Power

With Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus young people’s empowerment is achieved with sport


Doing sport is an essential moment of sharing and social empowerment, especially among those young people living in disadvantaged conditions. Indeed, thanks to sport it’s possible to build and strengthen a sense of community and to contrast social exclusion and isolation.

That’s why, together with Impresa sociale Con i Bambini, we choose to support Sport Power project: sports people of today, leaders of tomorrow promoted by Sport Without Boundaries Onlus, for social prevention and inclusion through sport practice of children between 12 and 18 years old who live in socio-economic situations of fragility.

Since 2009 Sport Without Boundaries promotes the right to sport mostly talking with minors in hardship conditions, giving life to a real Solidarity Sport Network that today involves 190 sports clubs throughout Italy. In 2015 we supported “ForGood. Sport is well-being” project dedicated to the promotion of sport for children and adolescents with socio-economic difficulties.

With Sport Power Project we offer to 125 disadvantaged boys and girls the chance to follow free sports courses at the associations belonging to the solidarity network of Sport Without Boundaries; they’ll also be able to take advantage of periodic medical check-ups and counseling and support activities aimed at their families.

The training of 50 young people is also planned: the so-called Sport Agents who will be involved in awareness-raising and animation activities with the little ones in the parks of various Italian cities.

We’ll also support the realization of 4 educational sports centers that will host training activities and moments of aggregation led by the Sport Agents: they could host summer courses for children and young people, study groups and homework help, animation, creative workshops and courses related to well-being as well as parenting support activities. These multifunctional centers will be built in the cities of Roma, Naples, Cagliari and Bari.


Location: Italy

Association: Sport Without Boundaries Onlus

Intended beneficiaries: 150 young people

Contribution: up to €350.000

Period: 2022-2024