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San Felice sul Panaro Sports Centre

San Felice sul Panaro Sports Centre


The San Felice sul Panaro “Union 90” Sports Centre is located in the “seismic district” area of Po Valley, the most affected by the seismic events of May 20 and 19 of 2012, and represents the beating heart of the sporting and social activities of the Municipality. Following the earthquake, the centre had to suspend its important activities and therefore also the spaces traditionally used by the people of San Felice community, losing its central role in the organization of local initiatives.

San Felice citizens therefore found themselves without a place to meet and where they could carry out activities useful for their physical and mental health. The need to recover new spaces for socializing and encourage the resumption of a normal life has been a priority for all citizens; therefore the renovation of San Felice sul Panaro Sports Centre has been the first important step towards the rebuilding.

Our support has been focused on the creation of new spaces inside the building for social activities and to offer services for the most vulnerable people (the elderly, people with disabilities, migrants, mothers with children and adolescents).

The structure (BRUGO) includes a gym for rehabilitation and gymnastics for the elderly and people with disabilities and two laboratories for cultural, educational and training activities for people with frailty.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sports club BRUGO space has been set up and used as a Vaccination Point for the area, providing further support to the territory during the emergency.

Our partner for the execution of the project and the management of the spaces is the UISP, Italian Union of Sports for All.

Contribution: up to € 400.000