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The Carpentry of Inclusion

The Carpentry of Inclusion

A place for training and work, dedicated to disadvantaged people.


The Carpentry of Inclusion was born from a structure damaged by the 2022 earthquake in Santa Venerina, in the province of Catania: here the Carpentry becomes a place where people with disabilities or under judicial measures can start a training and job placement program. The initiative we support is from the Ro’ la Formichina Social Cooperative, born to support family homes in the area and to be a resource for the whole community. The local context is in fact marked by the presence of a Correctional Facility, a Penal Institute for Minors and by a high rate of unemployment, including many young people at risk of deviance.

The goal is to promote social and job reintegration of people with disabilities or those who have been excluded from society due to their past: but what interventions have been made for this special carpentry?

The structure hosts a new carpentry laboratory of 300 m2, while offices, meeting rooms, changing rooms and rest rooms were created in the remaining 100 m2. Spaces enriched by a huge external square footage where it’s possible to carry out various work and recreational activities in the open air, including dance and theater workshops which will give participants the skills to return to being an active part of the community.



City: province of Catania

Association: Ro’ la Formichina Social Cooperative

Intended beneficiaries: 493 total beneficiaries including 4 young people hired; 17 young people subjected to judicial measures; 5 young people in civil service; 17 people with disabilities; 450 people for various activities

Contribution: up to €159.200

Period: October 2021 - September 2022