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Next-Land 2022-2024 | Education for future explorers

Next-Land 2022-2024 | Education for future explorers

Where students from the most fragile metropolitan districts experiment new learning methods.


STEM and STEAM. Do you know what we are talking about? They’re two types of “educational philosophy” which, based on interaction and a creative approach, unite Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math. And these are the basics of Next-Land: the biennial project of innovative teaching conceived by the Association of Social Promotion Next-Level that since 2014 develops site-specific educational solutions to involve students, teachers and families in education and orientation courses thanks to the collaboration with cultural institutions and universities, also with attention to young people with particular difficulties or disabilities touching all of Italy.

After two school years of experimentation in Turin, Next-Land has broadened its horizons, arriving in Bari and Naples, in the two Italian regions where, due to the pandemic, male and female students have paid the highest educational price. In particular, our support helped Next-Level to launch the project in 30 classrooms in the city of Bari.

The goal is to intercept the very young, understand their talents and make them bloom, contrasting early school leaving and the expatriation of brilliant Italian minds. This is why this project starts from secondary schools of first degree, speaking to students who are still in a phase of discovery, growth and also difficulties due to their young age and lack of knowledge of what the future holds for them.

Next-Land does and will therefore make that clear thanks to a series of activities: STEM laboratories - obviously also accessible to children with disabilities - in schools, universities, museums or urban spaces; orientation and collaboration courses with public authorities where you can get to know the job opportunities in the area; planning an educational experience to be implemented in collaboration with museums or universities; training cycles for teachers; training programs to give mothers new entrepreneurial and digital skills.

The result? An innovative and long-term educational solution, because it actively involves several protagonists: families, students, teachers, universities, schools, museums and cultural institutions who, together, will give new life to the future of young people in suburban neighborhoods.



City: Bari

Association: Next-Level

Intended beneficiaries: 750 students, 60 mothers and 60 teachers in Bari

Contribution: up to € 250.000

Period: January 2022 - June 2024