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Carlo De Benedetti TOG Center

Carlo De Benedetti TOG Center

New Together To Go spaces dedicated to children and adolescents suffering from complex neurological pathologies

According to the ISTAT Report "Knowing the world of disability: people, relationships and institutions, 2019" in Italy about 50,000 children have motor, cognitive, communicative or behavioral deficits. To improve their lives and provide timely support, rehabilitation is the only treatment available.

It is in this context that, in 2012, the Together To Go (TOG) Foundation was born in Milan, creating a Center of Excellence to offer rehabilitation activities to 114 children affected by complex neurological pathologies. All this for free, helping young patients in various activities: speak, with the help of a speech therapist or exploring alternative languages; move, with courses of physiotherapy; understand, with methods of cognitive enhancement or with psychological and educational support.

Today the Foundation has the opportunity to grow: by winning the tender from the Municipality of Milan, it was awarded the redevelopment of the former Docce building in Via Livigno in the city's 9 Municipality. The project involves the demolition of the building and the construction of a new multi-story structure.



This expansion aims to double the number of children and adolescents who can be assisted free of charge, and it is here that our contribution comes into play with the creation of new spaces: one area will be dedicated to teaching and training, spread over four spaces where courses, seminars and conferences can be held. The topics will always be related to the world of disability: conferences in the clinical-neuropsychiatric, social-health and educational fields, courses on cognitive recovery methods with the International Center of Enhancement of Learning Potential (such as the Feuerstein, Tzuriel, Haywood Method) and a postgraduate Master in Rehabilitation Science. All with the involvement of families, parents, caregivers, teachers, doctors and psychologists.

The other area will be dedicated to physiotherapy rehabilitation: 5 rooms specially designed for children where they can carry out physiotherapy capable of enhancing their abilities, taking advantage of a gym and a large space where they can move around without predefined paths, exploring their abilities freely. There will also be a clinic for specialist visits and an infirmary.



Where: Milan

Association: Fondazione Together To Go Onlus

Beneficiaries: children and adolescents affected by complex neurological pathologies

Contribution: up to 210.000,00 euros

Dates: beginning June 2022 - end December 2023