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Atena Together

Atena Together

Together with Fondazione Atena Onlus for women's health in women's correctional facilities


Together with the Atena Onlus Foundation we support the Atena Together project to launch, in some women's correctional facilities, prevention and care paths dedicated to female  inmates and, at the same time, support paths for the well being of prison workers.

From 2001 Atena Onlus has been promoting research in the field of neuroscience and the treatment of brain diseases; with the Atena Donna area, the Foundation deals with women's health through information and dissemination initiatives for the purpose of prevention, especially towards all those most fragile women who don't have access to treatment and specialist visits.

This project aims to offer female inmates and prison workers of somewomen's prisons in Lazio, Campania, Apulia and Triveneto the chance to access free screenings focused on different female pathologies (breast, gynecological, cardiological, dermatological) in order to improve their psycho-physical well being, supporting the action of the National Health System within prisons.

In the long term, the project's goal is a change of cultural perspective towards prevention, which must become the first tool for safeguarding the health of all women and, in particular, those in prisons.



City: Lazio, Campania, Apulia and Triveneto

Association: Atena Onlus Foundation

Intended beneficiaries: 580 female inmates and 380 prison workers

Contribution: up to €60.000

Period: November 2022 - November 2024