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Casa Ronald Roma Bellosguardo

Casa Ronald Roma Bellosguardo

A welcoming and safe environment for young patients at Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital


Supporting families and children hospitalized for long periods or forced to frequent hospital stays and to provide them with a serene and comfortable environment that helps them cope as best as possible with a traumatic journey: this is the goal of the project we are carrying on alongside the Ronald McDonald Italy Children's Foundation, a charity that offers social, socio-health and also educational assistance with special attention to children in situations of hardship or illness at "Ronald Homes" in Brescia, Florence, Rome Palidoro and Rome Bellosguardo.

Precisely the latter is the protagonist of the intervention we supported: a reception facility dedicated to children being treated or hospitalized at the Bambino Gesù Children's Hospital in Rome, mainly from the oncohematology department.

If a child's oncological illness brings the whole family to face a delicate moment from a psychological and emotional point of view, the Covid-19 pandemic has increased worries, precariousness and disorientation because of the limitations imposed. As a result, the young patients' visits and relationships with their neighbors were reduced, thus decreasing their opportunities for recreation: they did not have the opportunity to play or eat in common areas, being limited to constantly staying in their room with their parents.

From this need comes the project that aims to give continuity to the daily and educational activities of these young patients and make the environment around them more welcoming and safe through the restyling of 16 bedrooms with the modernization of all the furniture, kitchenettes in the rooms, new lighting, new curtains and private bathrooms. A series of interventions that allows families to spend more time and quality during their hospitalization and also improve their course of treatment.



Location: Rome

Association: Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation Italy

Beneficiaries: children and parents

Contribution: up to 100,000.00 euros

Duration: June 2021 - December 2021