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Lega del Filo d’Oro

Lega del Filo d’Oro

We support the foundation that helps young and old with the projects "The First Step" and "Space for Autonomy."



The Lega del Filo d'Oro Foundation was founded in 1964 as a point of reference in Italy for children, youth and adults who are deafblind or have limited sensory abilities: its mission is to give these people equal rights and opportunities. A mission of social equality and solidarity that we also carry out in Enel Cuore, and that is how in 2021 our support for the "Il Primo Passo" and "Spazio all'Autonomia" projects begins.

Il Primo Passo, at the Diagnostic Center in Osimo in the province of Ancona, is a project dedicated to deaf-blind and multi-sensory impaired children up to 4 years old  to provide an initial personalized diagnosis by a specialized team and guarantee them the best chances of rehabilitation and reeducation in the path to autonomy. With this project, within a year, we managed to help 10 children together with an interdisciplinary team of qualified educational-rehabilitation workers, doctors, therapists, psychologists, and social workers.

Spazio all'autonomia, on the other hand, is aimed at a more adult audience: the 12 guests of the Molfetta Residential Social and Health Center, a landmark that has been supporting patients from southern Italy and their families since 2007. In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic emergency, our support has been crucial in upgrading the space, making the facility more modern, and offering safer day and residential services.



Location: Osimo and Molfetta

Association: Lega del Filo d'Oro Foundation

Intended beneficiaries: children, adolescents and adults

Contribution: up to 150,000.00 euros

Duration: 2021 - 2022