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Young Ambassadors for Digital Citizenship

Young Ambassadors for Digital Citizenship

A MOIGE project against cyberbullying and cyber risk dedicated to students throughout Italy.


Today, young and very young people are spending more and more hours online. According to a 2022 survey by the Piepoli Institute on cyber risk, 46% of adolescents in Italy spend more than 3 hours a day online, 71 percent of young people have at least one social account, and, unfortunately, 11% of minors have experienced online bullying and 7% acts of cyberbullying.

Alongside these data, there are three other fundamental factors: an increased sense of loneliness and social discomfort given by the Covid-19 pandemic; a low level of control by parental figures who often leave very young people in front of PCs or smartphones alone; and the inability of schools to act because they are not aware of the incidents, thus increasing the risk of failing to prevent cases of bullying and cyberbullying.

In this context, the project "Young Ambassadors for Digital Citizenship against cyberbullying and cyber risk " becomes fundamental, which we support alongside MOIGE Aps - Movimento Italiano Genitori, the association that for 25 years has been providing support to parents and children in social, psychological or economic terms, promoting first and foremost the respect and protection of minors.

The goal is to act on awareness and knowledge of the risks of the web, providing students, teachers and parents with the right tools to intervene in time in the face of these phenomena and promoting proper use of the web and social networks to make minors and adults become "aware digital citizens".

It therefore becomes essential to prevent, recognize and manage all forms of online risk behaviors (such as cyberbullying and fake news) that greatly affect the psychological, emotional and physical health of young people and can deviate into extreme forms of violence.

The project will involve 300 primary and secondary schools, 187 of them thanks to our support, including online meetings with parents and teachers and some stops at schools, which will be reached by the Moige task force with the "Mobile Traveling Center", donated by Enel Cuore in 2017.

The intervention strategy is based on multiple activities:

  • Peer education paths: following the "peer to peer" methodology, at least 5 students will be identified in each school who will act as ambassadors to other students, informing them about the themes of the project;
  • Psychological support desks: a virtual desk will be set up within the schools involved in the project where all students can talk about their experiences on the web and receive listening and support;
  • Mobile Digital Center: an always-on support platform and a task force ready to intervene in schools, on specific reports, with open days and meetings on the risks and consequences of bullying and post-bullying distress;
  • MOIGE training platform: platform to train teachers and youth ambassadors of the project on the issues covered;
  • Online meetings for adults: parents and teachers will be invited to attend a series of 5 online meetings on the topics of digital citizenship, psychological distress in children and adolescents, and the importance of enhancing soft skills from an early age;
  • Educational kit provided to participants that will put in black and white the issues addressed throughout the project, giving guidance and information;
  • Call center and toll-free numbers available to be reachable at all times and accommodate reports and requests for help;
  • Contest to devise an anti-bullying campaign that will enable them to put into practice what the students will have learned.



City: Italy


Intended beneficiaries: 46,750 students, 935 teachers, 93,500 parents

Contribution: up to 110,000.00 euros

Period: February 2023 - December 2023