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Solidarity Emporiums and Mobile Kitchens

Solidarity Emporiums and Mobile Kitchens

A project to contrast poverty and social exclusion supported together with Fondazione Progetto Arca.


In the last few years, we have unfortunately witnessed the growth of poverty in our country, especially food poverty: particularly during and after the lockdown period, families showed a great need for help with basic necessities. This is why, also thanks to realities such as Fondazione Progetto Arca, various initiatives have been set up in Italy to respond to these needs: Mobile Kitchens and Solidarity Emporiums are essential to help the most fragile families and homeless people, respecting their dignity.

For years, Progetto Arca has been on the front line to offer help to the most vulnerable and to respond to new poverty in many different ways: with interregional food support projects, aid for children, reception and social accompaniment programmes for homeless people, refugees and asylum seekers, and people with addiction problems.

With the initiative we support alongside Progetto Arca, we want to strengthen the activities of Solidarity Emporiums and Mobile Kitchens, which support people in socio-economic distress, throughout the national country.

With our support, in addition to upgrading the existing Solidarity Emporium in Bacoli (Na) and expanding the Mobile Kitchen service in Naples, new Solidarity Emporiums will be opened in Ragusa and Bari.

The project is based on the synergy between institutions and other solidarity realities rooted in the territory such as Associazione La Casetta Onlus of Bacoli (NA), Gruppo Informale Angeli di Strada Villanova of Naples, Caritas Diocesana of Ragusa and Associazione InContra Odv of Bari.

The aim is to guarantee food support, including for early childhood, but not only that: the project envisages valuing people in order to restore their dignity and guarantee multidimensional support aimed at inclusion, through listening and accompaniment.



Cities: Bacoli (NA), Naples, Ragusa, Bari

Association: Fondazione Progetto Arca

Beneficiaries: 19.020 vulnerable and homeless people

Contribution: up to €120.000,00

Period: January 2023 - December 2023