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Museo di Pitagora Cultural HUB

Museo di Pitagora Cultural HUB

Educational and recreational activities to promote culture in the municipality of Crotone alongside Jobel Consortium.


According to ISTAT's Bes Report, Crotone is a municipality with a high unemployment rate, higher than the national average, which is accompanied by a cultural disadvantage: the only theatre present, the few cinemas and public places with recreational and educational purposes place the city as last in the Italian parameters for culture and leisure.

It's in this context that the Jobel Consortium of social cooperatives operates, a point of reference for the entire community with the aim of giving new life to Crotone.

Alongside them and together with the Fondazione Peppino Vismara and the Fondazione CON IL SUD, we support the Museo di Pitagora Cultural HUB project: the initiative will take place at the Pythagoras Museum and Gardens, a place that promotes local development based on social inclusion and the strengthening of educational processes, in particular, for the youngest and the most fragile, and will focus transversally on social and labour inclusion and education linked to culture.

As part of the activities related to the Pythagoras museum and gardens, former prisoners, women in fragile conditions, people with disabilities or in disadvantaged situations and immigrants already included in training courses will be involved, thanks to the final provision of work grants.

To promote culture, on the other hand, the project envisages the expansion of cultural and educational museum offerings thanks to collaborations with organisations such as the Carabinieri Cultural Heritage Protection Command, Mecenate 90 (an association engaged in the enhancement and management of cultural heritage), embassies, universities and other Italian and international organisations. Activities will range from book presentations, concerts, seminars, lectures, theatrical performances and art installations, with the aim of bringing the local community closer to the world of culture as well as making Crotone artistically, socially and economically richer.



City: Crotone

Association: Jobel Consortium

Beneficiaries: fragile people (ex-prisoners, disabled persons, etc.)

Contribution: up to € 125.000,00

Period: May 2023 - May 2026