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Vengo anch’io

Vengo anch’io

UNIAMO's project to ensure accessible bathing in the municipality of Tricase.


A recent survey by Altroconsumo found that in Italy only 51% of beach establishments meet accessibility requirements: in almost none of them there are dedicated toilets for people with disabilities, nor special wheelchairs for bathing in the sea. Moreover, also due to the conformation of the Italian coastline, access to many beaches is difficult even for able-bodied people.

The Municipal Administration of Tricase, in the province of Lecce, is fully aware of these limitations and has therefore made an area of its territory available to the mission of Uniamo - Italian Federation of Rare Diseases: to improve the quality of life of people with rare diseases and their families, raising public awareness of the issue, helping to develop a more inclusive culture towards them, and supporting them in protecting their rights, including their bathing rights.

It's in this context that "Vengo anch'io" was born, the project we support to guarantee the opportunity for people with disabilities to bathe in Tricase Porto, offering them the possibility of a "carefree" holiday where they can relax, distracting themselves from an often complicated daily routine.

With this project, a truly inclusive beach establishment will be created, with the necessary equipment to guarantee free access to persons with disabilities or other problems. The identified site has several plus points: easy access, some already existing infrastructure and man-made pools already present.

Our support, in addition to promoting the service in cooperation with various local authorities, will contribute to the purchase of several pieces of equipment: two flag lifts useful for transporting people with wheelchairs into the water; two rubber dinghies also equipped for transporting disabled people with wheelchairs; a transport vehicle for disabled people equipped with a wheelchair lift for transport to and from hotel facilities; a wooden gazebo for changing rooms; a gazebo for showers; braille flooring and other sensory aids; suitable beach beds; job chairs and electro-medical equipment such as lung ventilators or aspirators.



City: Tricase Porto (LE)

Association: Uniamo Italian Federation of Rare Diseases

Beneficiaries: disabled, children, adolescents, elderly people and family members

Contribution: up to € 75.000,00

Period: May 2023 - April 2024