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REAMA: Prevention and Protection for Women Victims of Violence

REAMA: Prevention and Protection for Women Victims of Violence

We support the Pangea Foundation to fight gender-based violence.



In Italy, gender stereotypes that undermine women's rights are still deeply rooted, discouraging them from reporting acts of violence. According to ISTAT data (of 2006 and 2015), one in three women is affected by violence during her lifetime.

Supporting those who experience these abuses is the mission of Pangea, a foundation that advocates for individuals, often women, subjected to various forms of violence and gender discrimination in social situations, seeking to restore and protect their rights.

One of the ongoing projects is the national anti-violence network "REAMA," established in 2018 to provide concrete responses to victims of violence, strengthen the implementation of the provisions of the Istanbul Convention in Italy, promote dialogue with institutions, local administrations, and various public or private entities, as well as increase public awareness on the issue.

Thanks in part to our support, Pangea will enhance the coordination of the national anti-violence network REAMA, enrich the training of specialized operators in Calabria, expand the operational response capacity to victims, and establish a new refuge in Calabria (one of the regions facing significant challenges) managed by women for women.

The objectives of the project we are supporting include:

  • Expand access to rights and safety for women in southern Italy, particularly in the Calabria region in the North Cosentino, by opening a new "refuge" connected with other REAMA network services aimed at providing protection, safety, and exit strategies from various forms of violence, promoting empowerment.
  • Strengthen the work of operators at the anti-violence center in Diamante and the new refuge, making them even more competent in handling victims of violence through specific training, support, and supervision of their work.

All these actions will contribute to another crucial point: reducing the waiting times for help requests, because a woman at risk of life cannot wait and should find refuge immediately. A safe place to take the first steps toward a life without violence.


Location: Lazio, Calabria, and Southern Italy regions

Association: Pangea Foundation Onlus

Beneficiaries: Women victims of violence

Contribution: Up to €360,000.00

Duration: June 2023 - September 2025