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Housing Plus!

Housing Plus!

The project by PsyPlus Onlus to assist homeless individuals in Rome with the "Housing First" method.


The latest population census published by ISTAT in 2021 has significantly revised the data concerning homeless people living in Italy: compared to the estimates from 2014, approximately 22 thousand homeless people currently live in Rome, constituting 23% of the national total.

PsyPlus Onlus has been active in the capital for ten years with a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, psychotherapists, educators, social workers, sociologists, and operators who share the goal of ensuring the right to psychological well-being for all and generating benefits for individuals facing physical, psychological, social, family, and economic vulnerability.

Their method to address the "homeless" phenomenon is Housing First (HF): an innovative intervention model where homeless individuals with mental health and/or pathological addiction issues and socio-housing distress are placed directly in independent apartments. This approach initiates the process of social reintegration starting from housing itself.

Originating in the USA in the early '90s, this model has been successfully applied since 2014 in various Italian cities (Turin, Milan, Udine, Bologna). With the "Housing Plus!" project, which we support, the association will bring this model to Rome, providing housing support and accompanying individuals with specialized personnel to help them create a new social network and access services offered by the community. This aims to establish a new and positive relationship with the neighborhood, ultimately achieving the key objectives: housing stability, psychophysical well-being, and social inclusion.

With our support, PsyPlus will cover the costs of the multidisciplinary team accompanying the beneficiaries for three years, secure accommodations, conduct networking activities in the community, promote a sense of community and public awareness in the neighborhood, introduce new services, and provide project monitoring and evaluation.



Location: Rome

Association: PsyPlus Onlus

Beneficiaries: 10 homeless individuals with mental distress and/or pathological dependencies experiencing chronic housing distress

Contribution: up to €180,000.00

Duration: September 2023 - September 2026