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Welcome House “Santa Giacinta”

Welcome House “Santa Giacinta”

We support the reception center in the 'Cittadella della Carità' of Caritas Roma.


The Welcome House 'Santa Giacinta', located in the 'Cittadella della Carità' of Caritas di Roma, at Via Casilina Vecchia 19, has been a point of reference for homeless individuals since 1990. The premises were already renovated in 2002, but the Center required further improvements, especially in terms of safety, to provide its guests with a refuge that can adequately protect and welcome anyone without a home, family, or even an identity: people with severe mental health issues, a traumatic past, the elderly, women, men in precarious socio-economic and health conditions.

Our support to these individuals and to Caritas Roma materializes through a structure tailored to the needs and safety standards, enabling the implementation of structural rehabilitation and electrical system refurbishment. In this way, guests can enjoy modernized spaces for recreational, group, or individual activities, feeling safer and more protected.

These works have allowed the volunteers at Casa Santa Giacinta to better fulfill their valuable commitment to social and health assistance, addressing the issues of those who turn to the center, such as loneliness, social marginalization, poverty, and a lack of autonomy in daily life due to illnesses or psychological problems.

This is just one of the activities carried out by Caritas Roma, which has been operating since June 2013 with the sole mission of being in solidarity with those in greatest need.



Location: Rome

Association: Caritas Roma Onlus Foundation

Beneficiaries: 103 elderly and homeless individuals

Contribution: up to €100,000.00

Duration: April 2022 - October 2023