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Beyond Disability Re-Knowing the Person

Beyond Disability Re-Knowing the Person

The assistance and cultural space for young people of Milan with complex disabilities.


Complex disability” identifies all those people who, regardless of the severity of their diagnosis, have multiple functional deficits involving behaviour, thoughts and actions: in fact, they could have severe learning, health or physical difficulties, which require a high level of assistance from specially trained staff.

For these people social inclusion and participation are goals in the healthcare pathways, but achieving them is not easy.

Villa Mirabello Onlus Foundation precisely works in the Milan area for these people, recognising the strong need of improving initiatives to support them, guaranteeing them a better quality of life with activities that go beyond the therapeutic and educational offer, focusing also on leisure time and other moments of their daily life.

With this goal in mind Villa Mirabello, the Foundation's historical headquarters (which has been renovated and redecorated thanks to our support), is the birthplace of the project “Beyond Disability Re-Knowing the Person”: a place where cultural and assistance activities come together thanks to the experience in the field of complex disability of a multi-professional group of specialists and operators from the city of Milan and province.

Children and young people with complex disabilities and their families will be supported here with four different types of activities: a listening desk where support and guidance interviews will be held, both for clinical purposes and to get to know the services; clinical supervision for those operators in charge of children with complex disabilities; group and individual music and art workshops with music therapists, musicians and rehabilitation professionals with artistic skills; a space dedicated to leisure time with a focus on sports activities to be implemented together with local associations.

The final aim will not only be to better integrate people with complex disabilities - also helping them from a clinical point of view - but also to make the entire local community aware of this issue through events and conferences.



City: Milan

Association: Villa Mirabello Onlus Foundation

Beneficiaries: 20 children with disabilities and 30 sociomedical workers

Contribution: up to € 105.000,00

Duration: October 2022 - August 2023