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Io vivo - the environment as a third educator: thinking with your hands

Io vivo - the environment as a third educator: thinking with your hands

New educational spaces where students can integrate, be valued and learn at their best.


Papaveri Rossi Cooperative, born in Perugia in 2012 with educational aims, works in the field of childhood and adolescence to prevent the social distress of minors and young people, with the purpose of transforming cultural and social differences into opportunities of growth. For the achievement of this goal, Papaveri Rossi collaborates with social and health care services to realise cultural activities, after-school and summer centres, listening and guidance centres, sports centres, and more.

With the project we support "Io vivo qui - the environment as a third educator: thinking with your hands” the Cooperative is carrying out three macro actions at the Istituto Comprensivo that includes the municipalities of Panicale, Piegaro and Paciano:

  • Redevelopment of 6 classrooms at Panicale Primary School, which is transforming the classrooms into multifunctional spaces adaptable to different educational proposals;
  • teacher training aimed at the use of spaces designed according to an educational philosophy based on the image of a child with strong developmental potential who learns through the hundred languages belonging to all human beings and who grows in relationship with others;
  • classroom workshops carried out together with local partners (within the Borgo di Panicale and in the neighbouring area) that stimulate several languages: visual, verbal, tactile, motor, musical, theatrical and others, so as to enhance and strengthen the abilities of young students.

The choice of the institute where to focus the initiative is anything but random: the students who attend it come from a small Umbrian municipality, where foreign families live with parents who only speak their native language, and this makes communication with schools and institutions more difficult, limiting the opportunities for growth and comparison that the children could have. "Io vivo qui” (I live here), in fact, is specifically part of the network of municipal services where school, family and territory come together to make everyone feel adequate and capable of expressing themselves with the most congenial means among those developed in the workshop activities, to shape a path of exchange where everyone grows: teachers, parents, students.



City: Panicale (PG)

Association: Papaveri Rossi Cooperative

Beneficiaries: 93 alumnus and 12 teachers

Contribution: up to € 60.600,00

Duration: May 2023 - April 2026