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Opening Up to the Future

Opening Up to the Future

 Workforce integration paths for struggling youth and strengthening initiatives for third-sector entities in Calabria.



The consequences of the pandemic and international political-economic developments are fueling the risk of social and economic marginalization, especially for the most vulnerable segments of the population, even in Italy. The ISTAT data from the June 2022 Press Release show that in 2021, absolute poverty confirmed the historical highs reached in 2020. Particularly affected are the migrant population and people in Southern Italy, where there are extremely high rates of youth unemployment.

To counter this situation, the AVSI Foundation has been active in Italy since 2015 with projects in collaboration with local, public, and private entities, engaging local communities with an integrated approach that combines education, healthcare, nutrition, culture, employment, economics, leisure, and the environment.

The common thread of all AVSI projects is to offer people the opportunity to become self-sufficient, starting from their own abilities and strengthening them through training and support activities that develop their social, professional, and entrepreneurial skills.

It is with this operational approach that AVSI, with our support and that of various partners in the region (Friends of Don Bosco Soverato, Don Bosco Southern Italy, and the National Salesian Works Center for Professional Training and Updating), intends to implement the "Opening up to the Future" project in Calabria, specifically in the municipalities of Cosenza and Soverato. The project aims to carry out actions focused on the training and integration into the workforce of vulnerable individuals (NEETs and migrants) and the structuring of a capacity-building path for Third Sector Entities (TSEs) in the area.

The initiative includes two different interventions for each municipality: in Cosenza, we will support the La Terra Cooperative in the capacity-building process through the renovation of family home environments, basic training courses involving all social workers, and more specific courses for planners and administrators, including a dedicated figure for fundraising to help the cooperative make a qualitative leap.

In Soverato, we will support the growth of 30 NEET youths with experiences of empowerment, orientation, training, and job guidance with the aim of enhancing the strengths of the territory, its beauties, and tourist-receptive resources.

The overall objective is twofold: to increase the motivation of NEET youths and migrants on a personal and professional level - facilitating their employment and social integration - and to foster the growth of TSEs in the area. This way, the project will contribute to the promotion of dignified, inclusive work that economically develops the affected municipalities.



Location: Cosenza and Soverato (Calabria)

Association: AVSI Foundation

Beneficiaries: 30 NEET youths and migrants aged 16 to 24, 10 companies, 4 third-sector entities

Contribution: up to €250,000.00

Duration: July 2023 - June 2025