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The Association operates through its statutory bodies.



The AGM chaired by the Chairman and consists of all its Associates. It appoints all other bodies of the Association who shall hold office for three terms, which in turn may be confirmed; it deliberates on the reports submitted by the Board of Directors; it approves the financial budget and final accounts, as well as the amendments to the Statute.


Chairman of the Association

By statute, the Chairman is invested with the power of legal representation of the Association, he or she convenes with and chairs the Board of Directors, exercising the broadest powers of initiative, necessary for the proper management and promotion of the Association. He or she is responsible for relations with organisations, institutions, national and international public and private enterprises, and other organisations in order to establish collaborations that support the Association’s initiatives.


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is granted powers of ordinary and extraordinary administration of the company. It manages the Association with due regard to the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of the plans, projects and budget lines approved by the AGM.


Managing Director

He also has the power of legal representation of the Association according to the Statute, on behalf of the President of the Association he convenes the Board of Directors and has signing powers up to a maximum amount established by the Board of Directors. Should it be necessary to exceed this limit, the Managing Director must act with a joint signature with that of the President of the Association. He has full decision-making autonomy with respect to the powers conferred upon him or provided for in the Articles of Association, within the framework of the Association's programms and lines of development.


Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors oversees and manages the Association’s account. The Auditors therefore have access, at any time, to the Association’s accounts and records in order to verify their accuracy. The Board expresses its opinion on the economic-financial budget and may attend Assembly meetings.