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Space-Themed CT scanner at the Bambino Gesù Hospital: a “painless” diagnosis surrounded by stars and planets

A journey in space, among stars and planets. The Bambino Gesù features a new space-themed CT scanner, an actual space station at the Palidoro Paediatric Hospital, to carry little patients who are about to undergo an diagnostic examination into a world of fantasy and imagination.

The CT scanner was purchased with the proceeds of the campaign “Ospedale Senza Dolore” (A Hospital without Pain), which received many generous donations from individuals, companies and institutions. Thanks to its high-speed data acquisition, the advanced diagnostic device significantly reduces the use of anesthesia during pediatric examinations, making the experience a little less scary and painful for children.

With the inauguration of the space-themed scanner, the “Ospedale senza dolore” social communication campaign launched by the Bambino Gesù in November 2014 has come to a close. The campaign raised over one million Euros, which were used to purchase the scanner and create the CT room, as well as to develop other initiatives at the Hospital to prevent, alleviate and limit the physical and emotional pain of the young patients, both during and after their hospitalisation.

These initiatives were made possible thanks to the support and generosity of many donors, with Enel Cuore at the forefront: the significant contribution of 500,000 Euros by Enel’s non-profit organisation allowed the Bambino Gesù Hospital to reach half of the necessary funding to purchase the multilayer CT device.

Other organisations that supported the project include: Ospedale Pediatrico l’Aeronautica Militare (Air Force Children’s Hospital), Opera Pia Asilo Savoia, BCC, Caltagirone Group, Centrale del Latte, Fendi, Ecotecna, Ceramica Globo, Pompi, Vueling and many other associations and citizens.

The Italian Newspaper and media partner Il Messaggero raised awareness on the issue and engaged its readers on a weekly basis on its print and online editions, by inviting them to participate in the social fundraising campaign.

The telephone companies Tim, Vodafone, Wind, 3, PosteMobile, CoopVoce, Noverca, Telecom Italia, Infostrada, Fastweb, and TWT offered a fundraising hotline for donations made from landline and mobile phones.

The media’s contribution was fundamental in achieving this goal, by supporting the project and raising awareness on the issue. Media partners included RAI, Mediaset, Sky, Admoving, LT Multimedia (Alice TV, TV Schedule, Leonardo T, Marcopolo TV), La7, Czech TV, Radio Vaticana Italy, RDS, Radio Capital Radio 24, Radio Subasio, Radio mana mana, Emme Radio 100, Radio Montecarlo, Radio 105, Virgin Radio, Radio InBlu, RTL and the Province of Civitavecchia. MTV Online and Circuito Populis Engagé also promoted the project with a web campaign.