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A community building for M’Ama Food’s kitchen

Condos and buildings aren’t always cold, unfriendly places where neighbours barely say hello. Sometimes they can offer a place for people to meet, promoting integration and socialisation. Milan’s Greek district has recently seen the birth of a new building that focuses precisely on these values. We had the pleasure to inaugurate it on May 25th, together with Consorzio Oikos. The four-storey building welcomes and accommodates people who are experiencing difficult living situations, as well as individuals with disabilities.

Enel Cuore contributed to the renovation and equipment for the M’ama Food solidarity kitchen : a project that was commissioned by the Cooperativa Farsi Prossimo coop and created to support female refugees – who are often persecuted, abused or who have fled war stricken countries – along with their children at Milan’s support centre on via Sammartini. Since 2012, M’ama Food has been offering community food services with the name “M’AMA FOOD – catering dal mondo”, which over the years has proven to be a valuable and welcoming place that promotes the social integration of its female guests and their job placement. Angelica Carnelos was present at the inauguration and spoke on behalf of Enel, highlighting Enel Cuore’s commitment: “Enel Cuore’s involvement in the M’Ama Food project, is yet another example of our non-profit organisation’s commitment to social initiatives that offer innovative and effective ways to promote inclusion and integration, placing individuals at the centre and promoting their capabilities for the benefit of the entire community”.