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The New Spazio Giallo Centre in Secondigliano

Yet another great initiative to add to our list of good news.

On June 30th, we inaugurated a new Spazio Giallo centre at the Secondigliano prison in Naples. Children are the number one priority at Spazio Giallo, making their visits to the prison more “child-friendly”.

The event is part of the annual European information campaign Non un mio crimine, ma una mia condanna” (Not my crime, but my punishment) by the Bambininisenzasbarre Association, in collaboration with the Children of Prisoners Europe network.

The initiative is yet another example of a heartfelt project that aims to put children’s needs first, particularly when visiting an imprisoned parent.

At Spazio Giallo, children will find a welcoming environment, where they can meet their parents, play and spend quality time with them, all while receiving psychological support to help them face the difficulties of having to visit an imprisoned parent.
A child who sets foot in a prison needs the necessary support and guidance to help understand and cope with the situation he or she is about to experience. Spazio Giallo therefore offers two main services:

  • TrovoPapà (FindDad): a map guiding the child from the entrance of the prison to the exit;
  • AspettoQui (WaitHere): an area within the prison where a child can prepare to meet his or her parent.

Enel Cuore was proud to participate in this project, in collaboration with the Fondazione Istituto Banco di Napoli  (Bank of Naples Institute Foundation), believing in the importance of the local community and social fabric, which must welcome and be open to children who have an imprisoned parent since, “Children are the promise of the future”.