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With fare Scuola, Children Learning the Importance of Food

Thanks to the project Fare Scuola, we are also introducing food culture initiatives to schools.

At the Istituto Comprensivo Pallanza in Verbania, we recently inaugurated a food science laboratory. A beech wood structure placed in the centre of the laboratory, like a large cutting board that stretches to the walls, forming a platform with shelves to store equipment, books and prototypes.

A series of transparent bright spheres hanging from the wooden shelves to store vast machinery and equipment such as an electric mill, a thermoforming device, a hydroponic vegetable garden, tools and hot plates, herbarium presses, and fermentation cells.

The laboratory is also equipped with a projector, a webcam, and other devices connected to a Wi-Fi network in order to record activities and share results and information.

Each instrument offers teachers the opportunity to create and supplement their teaching plan with practical exercises.

The laboratory opened last August for about a month, creating a new and important place for the 198 children attending the school.