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SognAbile, on stage in Rome the show conceived and performed by the children of Dynamo Camp's Alumni Project


A special show was presented last night on the stage of Rome's Teatro 7 Off: SognAbile, starring 9 boys from Dynamo Camp's Alumni Project.

The youngsters, who were of age, were guests of the Recreational Therapy Camp during their minor age, in the context of a serious or chronic illness, and later joined the Alumni project proposed by Dynamo Camp with the support of Enel Cuore, the Enel Group's non-profit organization. The project aimed to deepen the Performing Arts, through a 360-degree experience to provide students with experience and skills in the creation of a show: conception, ideation, scriptwriting, direction, interpretation.

The Alumni path dedicated to theater lasted two years, and during this period the students participated in the creation and staging of two projects.

SognAbile is the project carried out in 2022, a true culmination of the entire Alumni path, in which the boys are also protagonists in the part of writing an original script, completely conceived and enacted by them, on deeply felt and experienced themes. The work is always choral, with a strong imprint of each in the writing, harmonized into a unique narrative. The boys were guided by Dynamo staff specializing in theater.

In 2021, the boys went on stage in Milan, repurposing the original script of The Fleeting Moment with a series of cues devised by them, guided by professionals from the School of Musical Theater, who collaborate with Dynamo Camp. This time, in 2022, the children, strengthened by their previous experience, conceived and wrote the show themselves.

The show SognAbile tells about the importance of following one's dreams, even when they seem lost, and the opportunity to share and support each other. In devising their characters, the children started by writing fantasies about events that happened in their lives. In the making of the script, Dynamo Camp itself enters in an important way, as a starting and ending point in the boys' lives and pursuit of happiness.

On stage in Rome 9 boys, from Milan, Padua, Rome, Naples. Conceived online, by the young people who worked together, guided by Dynamo Staff, the show had a fine-tuning and dress rehearsal on the Dynamo Camp stage in Limestre in recent weeks, until last night's performance in Rome, on the stage of Teatro 7 Off, in front of an audience of supporters, families, volunteers of the Dynamo Camp project and supporter Enel Cuore.

While in the work on The Fleeting Moment the children had worked by playing multiple characters, with interchangeability of parts, so as not to have only one boy as the protagonist, in SognAbile each one built his own character, starting from facts or episodes from his own life, a character felt in a very personal and deep way.

“Thanks to Enel Cuore that has allowed the realization of a project with a multi-year perspective, the real way of working with kids creating an impact in their lives," said Serena Porcari, CEO of Dynamo Camp "It is exciting to applaud the kids and Dynamo Staff in the topical moment of the Performing Arts in-depth path and we are all the more happy to do it in a theater in Rome, a city where Dynamo presence is growing, and where we are working to structure a permanent Dynamo City Camp, to meet the needs of children and families in their cities."

"We are very proud to support Dynamo Camp in the projects in which the children are the protagonists, who on this occasion, with enthusiasm and creativity, created a theatrical performance from the beginning, giving a beautiful evening of solidarity and culture. These values are central to the philosophy of Enel Cuore, which has among its objectives to give concrete help to the most important third sector realities in the realization of virtuous initiatives dedicated to people living in fragile conditions," is the statement of Angelica Carnelos, Secretary General of Enel Cuore. The boys are ready for new dates in Italy.


Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp ETS Foundation works for the right to happiness of children and young people with serious illnesses and their families; it offers free Dynamo® Recreational Therapy programs to children and young people aged 6 to 17, suffering from serious or chronic illnesses, their parents and siblings.


Recreational Therapy has the goal of recreation and fun but also and above all to be a stimulus to children's abilities, to renew confidence and hope.

Activities take place at Dynamo Camp, in Limestre in the province of Pistoia, a wonderful place, in a unique naturalistic environment, and structured ad hoc, and, with Dynamo Programs, in hospitals, associations and family homes, in Dynamo City Camps, in major Italian cities. Climbing, archery, water activities, farm and horse, circus, vegetable gardens, ceramics, hip hop, rap, magical stories, Theater, Dynamo Art Factory, Radio Dynamo, give children fun, excitement and self-confidence.

With the Alumni Project, Dynamo offers an in-depth Performing Arts pathway to young people, former campers, with the goal of giving experience and skills. The approach involves 360-degree experience in the creation of a performance: conception, conception, scriptwriting, directing, interpreting.

This is the impact of Dynamo Camp since 2007: 87,495 children with serious illnesses and their families have enjoyed Dynamo's Recreational Therapy programs, aimed at recreation and fun but above all at regaining confidence and hope. More than 75 pathologies are hosted, and the Dynamo Camp network consists of 97 hospitals and 85 parent or pathology associations throughout Italy.

The Dynamo community now includes, along with 87,495 children and families, 10,533 volunteers, 157,000 donors, and 210,000 database contacts.

Dynamo Camp is located in Limestre in the province of Pistoia, in a WWF-affiliated oasis of more than 900 hectares, Oasi Dynamo, and is part of the SeriousFun Children's Network of camps founded in 1988 by Paul Newman and active worldwide.