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Base Camp EduFest: The widespread festival for an equitable and inclusive school kicks off, with the participation of Internazionale Kids

The festival will cover four stages: Palermo, Naples, Rome, and Catanzaro, offering a selection of meetings, presentations, and workshops dedicated to young people, parents, teachers, and educational communities from October the 26th to December the 1st. Discussions will revolve around rights, interculturality, current events, the environment, school and much more.



Building a unique learning experience to place every young person at the center of educational action by listening to their needs and desires.

Base Camp - Territorial Educational Hubs, in collaboration with Internazionale Kids, organizes Base Camp EduFest: a traveling educational and cultural festival that, from October the 26th to December the 1st, will see young people, parents, and teachers participate in a dense agenda of meetings, debates and workshops held at schools involved in Base Camp in the four cities of Palermo, Naples, Rome, and Catanzaro.

The festival promotes an equitable and inclusive school that, through the presence of experts and nationally prominent guests, opens its doors and addresses fundamental contemporary issues with students. The program for each stage has been devised by listening to the desires and curiosities of young people encountered during the project. It is structured with meetings and workshops covering various current topics, including sexual and emotional education, environmental sustainability, cultural diversity, inequalities, school and different forms of current events narration.

Base Camp EduFest leverages the experiences gained from the Base Camp - Territorial Educational Hubs project, supported by Enel Cuore, the non-profit organization of the Enel Group, and by the social enterprise Con i Bambini within the framework of the Fund to counter educational child poverty. The project aims to combat educational inequalities and increase socio-cultural opportunities, creating a space for meeting and discussion that fosters a circular and inclusive educational community.

In each city, Alberto Emiletti from the Internazionale Kids editorial team will share the best photographic reports from around the world. Along with teachers from the Laudes association, we will propose ludo didactic activities for students, teachers, and educators.

All stages will host the screening of the documentary "Stati d'Infanzia - Viaggio nel paese che cresce" (States of Childhood - Journey into the growing country) by Arianna Massimi, promoted and produced by the social enterprise Con i Bambini within the Fund to counter educational child poverty. The documentary is dedicated to the theme of childhood in Italy and has received recognition as the best short film in the Children World section at the eleventh edition of the Prato Film Festival, tied with "Super Jesus" by Vito Palumbo, and selections in numerous Italian and international film and documentary festivals.

But where will the Base Camp EduFest journey begin?

CESIE will open the festival in Palermo on October the 26th and 27th. Among the guests, Marco Rizzo, a screenwriter for Feltrinelli Comics, will talk about migration through comics and the best techniques for conducting an interview.

There will also be Barbara Teresi with an interactive session against Islamophobia and a workshop on Arabic writing, Alessia Tagliaventi with a visual journey on gender discrimination and a workshop on photographic language, Giuseppe Rizzo with an in-depth look at the current conditions of prisons. But not only that: various entities from the Consulta sull'Educazione Sessuale e Affettiva (Council on Sexual and Emotional Education) of the city, promoted by CESIE, will be present to break taboos and stereotypes and counter gender-based violence.

Next, on November the 9th and 10th, the social cooperative Dedalus will host the Naples stage. Here, the cosmology professor Giovanni Covone will talk about the relationship between astrophysics and The Simpsons, the journalist and science expert Andrea Vico will discuss sea turtles and how the waters of the Mediterranean are changing, and the journalist Alice Facchini will address eco-anxiety as a driver of change. In addition to small workshops and scientific experiments, young people and teachers can participate in the workshop "Come suona il caos" (How Chaos Sounds) by Maurizio Capone, building musical instruments with recycled materials and creating a neighborhood concert.

The social cooperative Parsec will organize the third stage in Rome on November the 23th and 24th, focusing on Rights and Journalism. Among the many guests will be Alessia Tagliaventi, Luisa Mattia, and Open Arms: the first will talk about the power of photography, the second about writing, while the well-known non-governmental organization will conduct a workshop on the narration of migrations. Speaking about inequality, marginality, and psychosocial distress, Andrea Morniroli, co-coordinator of the Forum Disuguaglianze Diversità (Inequalities Diversity Forum), Radio Immaginaria correspondents, the first radio produced by adolescents, and the founder of the cultural magazine Scomodo will be present.

Cristiano Corsini, university professor of education sciences, and Bruno Spinetoli, neuropsychiatrist of ASL Roma 1, will discuss educational and diagnostic assessment with school administrators, along with Paola Ilari, Assessor for Educational and School Policies of the III Municipality of Rome.

Finally, with the Centro Calabrese di Solidarietà (Calabrian Center of Solidarity), Base Camp EduFest will arrive in Catanzaro on November the 30th and December the 1st for its final stage. Among the guests, psychologist Cristina Buonaugurio will conduct a workshop for teachers and parents on educating through the story of Harry Potter. But also Roberto Alessandrini and Irene Scarpati, from the "Bianco e nero" (Black and White) publishing house, will present the "Ad alta leggibilità" (High Readability) project.

To learn more about participating in Base Camp EduFest, follow us on social media at https://www.facebook.com/progettobasecamp and https://instagram.com/progetto_basecamp or visit the dedicated section at https://progettobasecamp.it/edufest.