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CasArché Corte di Quarto

CasArché Corte di Quarto

A safe refuge for mothers and children in difficult situations


Leaving a difficult past behind, rediscovering the serenity of family life, finding a job and starting over. With their children, and no longer alone.

There's a place where disadvantaged mothers can find refuge in a safe haven that provides assistance and protection, where they can share their daily lives with other mothers who have been the victims of violence, exclusion and loneliness and draw strength from their new found independence. It's called CasArché, and has been created from an old kindergarten located on the outskirts of Milan.

It's a place dedicated to the most vulnerable families that have suffered due to abuse, housing problems, migration difficulties or psychological and social issues. CasArché welcomes these mothers and their children into a warm and colourful environment, which can offer security and new prospects to those who live there, through togetherness, sharing and mutual support.

The Fondazione Arché Onlus also helps women to regain their independence and to build a new future with guidance counselling, professional training and job placements.

As Enel Cuore we have been supporting the activities of the Fondazione Arché Onlus for a number of years. In 2017 we created the "Spazio Enel Cuore – In the Heart of CasArché", located in the centre of the community. Whilst in 2018 we concentrated our efforts on the "Corte di Quarto" project, the intention of which is to open the initiative up to other beneficiaries and to lay the foundations for a process of supportive and sustainable growth.

It entails the construction of an eco-sustainable structure within the CasArché complex: a modular housing arrangement that could also accommodate single people, with no age restrictions, young people and the elderly and enable them all to live together along with the semi-autonomous single parent-child families. A space designed to promote solidarity and sharing between those that live there, whilst simultaneously being open to its surroundings and strengthening the processes of cultural integration and social inclusion.

This new structure will bring into being a project called the "Borgo Solidale": a small ideal town built around the people, capable of combining the psycho-pedagogical support and the social protection that the most vulnerable families need together with a circular economy model aimed at facilitating the development of productive activities and helping those living there to regain their independence.

Because as well as promoting social cohesion, solidarity is an extraordinary driver of development, including economic development.



Location: Quarto Oggiaro (MI)

Association: Fondazione Arché Onlus

Expected beneficiaries: single parent-child families, particularly disadvantaged mothers; families willing to accompany and assist the disadvantaged families; individuals who help the community as volunteers.

Total contributions made to the Foundation: up to 39,500 euros (2017) and up to 152,500 euros (2018)

Duration: 2017; 2018