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Arts workshops

Arts workshops

A project inspired by a violinist’s idea to bring art into schools


“Beauty will save the world,” wrote Fyodor Dostoevsky. But violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin would have added “starting with children” to that statement as he had the insightful idea of introducing young children to art, beauty, music and creativity.

That original idea gradually grew over the years into a Europe-wide project that put art at the very centre of the growth of the individual and their potential to absorb it, beginning from childhood. The idea was to acquaint children with beauty so that they would then grow into better adults and peacemakers.  

In other words, art and beauty are capable of breaking down barriers – be they physical, cultural or economic – and helping people to overcome their shyness and embrace their passions.  

The project, which is run by the not-for-profit MUS-E Italia Association, focuses on the city of Rome and bringing beauty to the suburban areas of San Basilio, Torpignattara, Prenestino, Centocelle, Tor Tre Teste, Magliana, Bufalotta, Casal Monastero, Settecamini, and Idroscalo di Ostia.

The initiative consists of 40 arts workshops that are completely free and aimed at primary school children from eight schools. Each workshop lasts 20 hours and helps children discover beauty, giving them a first-hand experience of art through music, song, drama, dance, film, martial arts, visual and figurative arts.



Location: Rome

Association: Not-for-profit MUS-E Italia Association

Estimated beneficiaries: 800 children

Total Enel contribution: 40,000 euros

Year: 2018