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The Fenix project

The Fenix project

A socio-economic reintegration project for minors and young adults in trouble with the law


We’re giving a second chance to boys and girls aged 14 to 25 who have had run-ins with the law and as a result have had their personal liberty restricted by the judicial system.

It was with this goal in mind that the Fenix project (Phoenix) was created in collaboration with the Associazione Centro ELIS in Rome. This rehabilitation project is designed to help troubled teens and young adults reintegrate into society through a program of self-empowerment and growth that will help them develop their soft skills and receive professional technical training that reflects current labor market demand.

The immediate need the project addresses is to provide these young people with a valid and positive alternative to falling back into delinquency through active participation in a “life plan” that goes far beyond socially useful or merely recreational activities. In the medium and long term, the project helps reduce recidivism rates, benefiting not just the individuals but the community as a whole. 

The Rome-based initiative initially involved 20 young people between the ages of 14 and 20 who had been given suspended sentences and put on probation as an alternative to detention. In its preliminary stage, the project was shared with the Department of Juvenile and Community Justice and the Social Services Office for Minors in Rome before a joint working plan was developed. During this phase, university tutors were selected to provide peer-to-peer mentoring in order to support the young people during their rehabilitation journey. The university tutors also organized an initial Boot Camp to help them get to know each other with team-building activities.

At the end of the 250-hour training period, 10 young people were eligible for social inclusion internships in Digital Communication, while a further three were selected for reintegration in other professional and technical fields.

As a result of the positive outcomes achieved, we launched a second edition of the project with ELIS to help a further 20 minors and young adults reintegrate socially and economically into society. Unlike the first edition, Fenix 2 (Phoenix) also directly benefited the participants’ families or their legal guardians as well, in order to recognize the very important role that significant adults play in making the rehabilitation process effective by providing support and encouragement. 

We support the project by covering the costs of personnel, training activities (including teaching materials and computer equipment), communications and logistics.

The Associazione Centro ELIS was founded in Roma in 1962 to facilitate entry into the workforce and to promote a professional culture in organizations that is mindful of both individuals and the common good. For over 50 years, ELIS has been promoting educational activities and social solidarity through an integrated approach that involves schools, universities and businesses. This approach guarantees that training is constantly adapting to the evolving needs of the job market. 



Location: Rome

Association: Associazione Centro ELIS

Beneficiaries: 40 teens and young adults; their families and legal guardians

Contribution: up to € 259,800 in total

Years: 2019 - 2022