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A second chance for young offenders


The Fenix project was created to give a second chance to 20 teenaged boys and girls aged between 14 and 17 that have committed crimes in the Rome area. Co-created by Enel Cuore and the Associazione Centro ELIS, the project aims to encourage young offenders to get back into society through a process of self-empowerment and personal growth involving the development of soft skills and technical-professional training in the digital sector, the latter reflecting an area of particular demand on today’s job market.

The initiative focuses on the capital city and involves 20 teens who were given provisional suspended sentences as an alternative to detention. The project will last around 18 months starting from July 2019 but also involves a preliminary co-design phase with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Community and Rome’s Juvenile Court to devise a shared plan of action. This phase will included the selection of university tutors involved in peer-to-peer education, who will supervise the youngsters’ road to rehabilitation and organise a Boot Camp to allow participants get to know each other.  

At the end of the 250-hour training period, 10 of the young offenders will be offered internships in businesses and also attend socio-economic reintegration programmes.  

The Associazione Centro ELIS was founded in Rome in 1962 to make it easier for people to enter the workforce and to promote a professional culture in organisations that takes into account both the common good and the individual. ELIS has been promoting educational and social solidarity-focused activities for 50 years using an integrated approach that embraces Schools, Universities and Businesses to ensure that the training stays up to date with the constantly evolving labour market.

Enel Cuore supports the Fenix project by providing a grant aimed at covering the costs of staff, training activities (including teaching materials and IT equipment), communications initiatives and logistics.



Location: Rome

Association: Associazione Centro ELIS

Number of beneficiaries: 20 young people aged between 14 and 17 who have committed crimes

Total contributions planned: up to 100,000 euro

Duration: July 2019-January 2021