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The Base Camp project

The Base Camp project

To provide study opportunities for disadvantaged teenagers on the outskirts of Rome, Naples and Palermo


The “Base Camp” is the starting point for tough mountain expeditions, the place where the adventurers get kitted out and prepare to tackle the challenges that lie ahead. For Enel Cuore the Base Camp project means helping teenagers that live in areas on the outskirts of Italy’s big cities: this is because we believe that growing up on the edges of a large city shouldn’t mean living a life on the margins of society, sacrificing individuals’ talents and failing to harness precious energy.

The pilot scheme operates in the cities of Rome, Naples and Palermo, where economic difficulties and the risk of dropping out of school pose a genuine threat to the futures of many teens. The project aims to provide all the youngsters with the same opportunities concerning their educational pathways, identifying their talents, stimulating their curiosity and boosting their capacity to communicate. The idea is to bring new energy and an innovative approach to learning into the school environment.

The activities, which target youngsters aged 13 to 16, were developed after meticulous preliminary work carried out by a group of experts and involves students, teachers and families.

Base Camp has led to the creation of three centres of educational excellence: the “Base Camps for Future Education.” These are developed and managed by local operators from the third sector inside or near school buildings and involve a personalised approach to learning and a programme of cultural activities. Each centre, through a team consisting of three teachers for the main subjects (Italian, maths and English), two educators, a cultural activity coordinator, a centre coordinator and a secretary, will ensure the youngsters have access to an environment where they can study individually or in groups from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. for 11 months each year. The Base Camps also have areas for eating and socialising, training workshops for teachers from local schools and cultural events that are open to all.

The Scientific Partner for the initiative is the Associazione Culturale Laudes, which proposes an assisted study service, the “Laudes method.” This differs from traditional tutoring and is based on the principle of personalised education provided through a select network of young, highly qualified and empathetic teachers.

Non-profit organisations have been identified for the creation and development of the initiative in each of the three cities in question. Base Camp in Rome will involve the Cooperativa sociale Parsec; in Naples the Cooperativa Dedalus, and in Palermo the Associazione CESIE.



Location: Rome, Naples, Palermo

Associazione: Associazione Culturale Laudes, Cooperativa Sociale Parsec, Cooperativa Dedalus, Associazione CESIE

Expected beneficiaries: 2,160 people per year for each centre (10 educational staff; around 150 students in assisted study of whom 80 in one-to-one sessions; more than 2,000 people for cultural events)

total contributions allocated to the Organisation: up to 2,000,000 euros

Year/Duration: 2019/24 months (beginning from the opening of the learning centres)