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The project of “Nel Cuore del Sud” announcement

The project of “Nel Cuore del Sud” announcement


Five are the financed projects of Nel Cuore del Sud announcement together with CON IL SUD Foundation, launched on October 2021 aimed at third sector organizations operating in Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Sardinia and Sicily.

We have a dual objective: on the one hand we want to support and promote social inclusion and activate paths to support the autonomy of people with fragility or at risk of marginality; on the other hand this is an opportunity for local development through the enhancement of local vocations and excellence like tourism, craftsmanship, agriculture and enogastronomy in meridional intern areas.

These are the projects in detail.

This project wants to accompany women in condition of fragility in social and work insertion paths, thanks to professionalizing traineeships.

The objective is the birth of the Nuova Libreria Mediterranea, female community social enterprise, to develop a production chain of eco-sustainable craftsmanship based on a profession that is a danger of disappearing: the processing of libbani, typical plant ropes present in the Maratea area.


City: Maratea and Lauria (Potenza) in Basilicata and Calopezzati (Cosenza) in Calabria

Association: CIF Lauria Third Sector Entity

Intended beneficiaries: 20 women at risk of marginalization

Partner: ASSET Basilicata, Forum Association of Maratea Associations, Auser Rivello, Auser Volontariato Lauria, Municipality of Maratea, Vincenzo Bossio Textile Factory, Francesco Saverio Nitti Foundation, Pistoletto Onlus Foundation, InMateria Social Promotion Association, Liberi Libri Social Promotion Association, M.O.V. Lucania

Contribution: up to € 75.250

Period: 24 months


This project combines the creation of new job opportunities for immigrants and people with disabilities with the desire to rediscover an autochthonous product of Campania, the cannellini bean “Suscieglio”, enhancing the entire supply chain and promoting its Municipal Denomination of Origin certification.

Together with 5 partners, the project will involve 7 beneficiaries and expects the provision of 6 1-year work grants and the fixed-term employment for the entire project of an immigrant person.


City: Cellole and Sessa Aurunca (Caserta) in Campania

Association: Al di là dei sogni Social Cooperative Onlus

Intended beneficiaries: 7 people with physical/mental disabilities and immigrants

Partner: Ases, Municipality of Cellole, Osiride Cooperativa Sociale, Slow Food Massico and Roccamonfina, A flower for life Cooperativa Sociale

Contribution: up to € 124.750

Period: 24 months

The art of the historic Salento seamstresses and embroiderers as a women's emancipation tool. This is Fil rouge: the project, in collaboration with 6 partners, to enhance an ancient job and support women in conditions of fragility through training, empowerment and self-entrepreneurship courses. The business will have a particular focus on sustainability and ethics, values that have guided both the choice of the site that will host the project, a building confiscated from the mafia, and the desire to use waste fabrics from fashion companies following the tried and tested “Made in prison” model.


City: Galatina (Lecce) in Puglia

Association: Levera Social Promotion Association

Intended beneficiaries: 15 women in condition of fragility

Partner: A.D.U. Human rights lawyers, ACLI Lecce Social Promotion Association, Municipality of Galatina, L’Aurora Social Cooperative, Social Cooperative Creative Workshop, Development Program

Contribution: up to € 71.000

Period: 24 months


Together with 7 local partners, the project aims to give new job opportunities to vulnerable women through the rediscovery of the ancient Calabrian textile tradition.

An initiative that includes targeted capacity building actions through training on loom weaving with workshops and professional internships, the construction of networks for the enhancement of the agro-textile supply chain and a protocol for the recycling of used clothes.


City: Squillace and Girifalco (Catanzaro), Calabria

Association: Open Space Association Volunteer organization

Intended beneficiaries: 20 women in a condition of fragility

Partner: AMA Calabria, ARSAC Calabria Regional Environmental Authority, Municipality of Girifalco, Municipality of Squillace, Cooperative between Heaven and Earth, Solidarity City Foundation Onlus, Vitambiente Association for Social Promotion

Contribution: up to € 124.500

Period: 24 months

The art of the typical Apulian dry stone walls has ancient origins, a strong identity value, and it’s an Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO since 2018. The project aims to disseminate this eco-sustainable technique in a training course on the ancient craft and on the new technologies that can be used, such as 3D survey methods or non-destructive diagnostic campaigns. The goal is the establishment of a social cooperative for training in the craft profession of Builder of works in living stone.


City: Lecce and Casarano (Lecce), Puglia

Association: AFG Global Education Association

Intended beneficiaries: 80 people with fragility or at risk of marginality, deviance and social discomfort

Partner: Arci Lecce Social Cooperative, Municipality of Casarano, CETMA Consortium - European Research Center of Design and Material Technologies, Order of Architects of the Province of Lecce, Rebirth of the Social Cooperative Society

Contribution: up to € 107.000

Period: 26 months