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Together for Antoniano's children

Together for Antoniano's children

An all-round path for an harmonious growth


The historical period we’re experiencing is causing severe emotional stress especially for children, whose psychological well-being is undermined by post-lockdown behavioral disorders but also by the destabilization deriving from the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

It’s in this context that the action of the "Together for Antoniano's children" project becomes even more important, supported by Enel Cuore as part of the "In the heart of Enel space" initiative developed in collaboration with Enel Energia for the market free, which includes the offer of accompaniment and autonomy courses for children with fragility and disabilities, aimed at acquiring skills and abilities that allow them to live a fulfilling and serene life.

For more than forty years, in fact, the "Antoniano Insieme" Therapeutic Center follows the most fragile children supporting them, together with their families, in a 360º path that aims at their harmonious growth, socialization from an emotional and relational point of view and the enhancement of their potential with targeted therapies designed for each child.

All of this is possible thanks to a specialized team of doctors and qualified operators in child pedagogy and neuropsychology, speech therapy, psychomotricity and many other disciplines.

Specifically, thanks to this project, we support children coming from families with greater socio-economic difficulties and Ukrainian children fleeing the war who can take advantage of different types of rehabilitation programs; moreover, all the children of the Center have access to new materials and cutting-edge equipment, such as a multisensory room and everything needed for activities related to eating problems, computer aids, educational games and special furnishings.

The goal is to achieve a shared well-being by children and their families, increasing the serenity and self-esteem of the little ones and their parents. Furthermore, social ties’ll be strengthened by a support network involving the Antoniano community, its volunteers and the activities that are carried out every year.



City: Bologna

Association: Antoniano Onlus

Intended beneficiaries: 80 children with disabilities

Contribution: up to € 100.000

Period: October 2022 - October 2024