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Varcare la Soglia, beyond the difficulties of the post-pandemic crisis

Varcare la Soglia, beyond the difficulties of the post-pandemic crisis

With L’Albero della Vita Foundation we give concrete help to families in difficulty in the suburbs of Naples and Palermo to start a new life.


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to be felt not only on a medical-health but also social and economic level, putting both parents struggling with the economic and labour crisis, and children, and their right to education and carefree. This is why, together with the L'Albero della Vita Foundation, with the project Varcare la Soglia we have created a space open to everyone where we can give and receive concrete help. The project was presented on June 7th, during the speech "How to help those who help. The case of Enel Cuore Onlus” at the Fundraising Festival, by our General Secretary Angelica Carnelos together with Chiara Paratico, Head of the Foundation's Corporate Partnership.

Feeling welcomed and helped, with a smile

From shopping vouchers to support for entering the world of work, from socio-pedagogical activities to educational and motor paths. These are some of the main initiatives that Varcare la Soglia organizes to give families total support, which wants to be material but also human.

“My life has improved as a person. This association is not just financial help, people are also close to you on the human side towards the whole family. My life has changed mainly because I see a better future, they made me understand that there is a better future.”

Rosy, grandmother and mother of 4, has been in contact with L’Albero della Vita Foundation for 5 years.

This vision of the future stems from what the Foundation team offers and teaches: “from every activity done by the children or together with their parents it’s possible to understand, listen and learn a lot and we bring all this outside and at home” says Rosy, grateful to see her children attend the various workshops with joy and enthusiasm, with the hope that this project will continue over time, offering a safe alternative within a difficult neighborhood like the Zen2 of Palermo.

Trust in oneself and in others

The older you become, the harder it is to ask for help, especially if you live in neighborhoods labeled "infamous". Rosy’s story, in fact, is the story of many mothers like her who have crossed paths with the commitment of L’Albero della Vita Foundation.

“The first step is to be consistent and sincere with what is proposed - explains Serena Fleres, Coordinator of the Crossing the Threshold center - a relationship must be created first of all educational, through a path where they have to understand that they are the center, where they have to choose which road to take. We are there to guide and support them, but they are the needed tool to get their goals."

From here begins a relationship of trust with families and children where the macro frame is teaching: learningfrom the moment you enter the office until the moment of saying goodbye because every moment is useful for everyone's growth, whatever the activity carried out.

“The well-being of children comes first, but we welcome the whole family by collecting their needs and transforming them together into goals. Our pedagogical goal is to make them autonomous with respect to the achievement of their greatest desire: the realization of the well-being of the children, the personal fulfillment, the search for a job or a training course to find a job.”

Serena Fleres, Coordinator of the Varcare la Soglia center.

The children speak

Tito and Nicolas have become friends thanks to Varcare la Soglia. Here they spend their after-school time doing homework, helped by the teachers of the Foundation, music workshops, theater, trips and much more. Tito is 10 years old and has been involved in these activities for 4 years, Nicolas is 8 and a half, and has been coming here for 1 year. We both asked how much they had changed since they attended Varcare la Soglia: Tito says with great satisfaction that he has improved a lot in Italian and mathematics, and Nicolas adds: "I used to be more shy, now I am no longer shy and I do better in school, especially in addition."

Like all children, these two friends also have a dream: as an adult Tito would like to be a singer, Nicolas the painter and both left a very important message at the end of their story: 

“When I grow up I would come back here, I would make my friends come here because it’s nice to help people, to help those who are alone and for friendship.” 

Tito, pupil of 5 years elementary, and Nicolas, pupil of 3 years elementary.