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SognAbile: inclusion on stage with the Alumni of Dynamo Camp

SognAbile: inclusion on stage with the Alumni of Dynamo Camp

Our support for the project has a new expression with the Performing Arts course whose protagonists the ex-campers and their dreams


All young people have the right to follow their dreams: the Dynamo Camp Foundation makes this possible for children and young people suffering from serious or chronic illnesses by offering free Dynamo® Recreational Therapy programmes we have been supporting since 2016.

Thanks to the Alumni project, ex-Dynamo campers can follow an in-depth Performing Arts course, continuing to increase their experience and skills with a 360° approach to the production of a show: from conception to scriptwriting, from directing to performing on stage.

This is how this theatre show was born in 2022, in which everyone built their own character starting from facts or episodes from their own life: "SognAbile". A personal and at the same time choral work that brings on stage the importance of following one's dreams in life in order to become protagonists of the future and that allows these young people to deal with deeply felt and experienced themes under the guidance of Dynamo staff specialised in theatre, as well as in the Dynamo method of Recreational Therapy.

On January the 31st, 9 Alumni from Milan, Padua, Rome and Naples took “SognAbile” on stage at the Capital's Teatro 7 Off in front of an audience of families, volunteers and supporters of the project including the General Secretary of Enel Cuore, Angelica Carnelos.

“We are very proud to support Dynamo Camp in the projects involving the children who, on this occasion, enthusiastically and creatively put on a theatrical performance from the very beginning, providing a wonderful evening of solidarity and culture”.

Angelica Carnelos, General Secretary of Enel Cuore Onlus

Over the years, our contribution has resulted in creating spaces dedicated to educational and training activities, renovating the children's accommodation, as well as the staff and volunteers, in order to increase the accommodation capacity and enhance the educational and recreational offer.


The power of recreational therapy

The Dynamo Camp Foundation works for the right to happiness of children and young people from 6 to 17 years old with serious illnesses and their families through Dynamo® Recreational Therapy, a scientific approach that consists in approaching illness by focusing on the potential of the youngest experienced through engaging and inclusive activities, where the goal is to have fun and stimulate self-confidence.

“Recreational therapy is the starting point. Fun and exciting activities with a challenge component, such as archery or climbing, become a tool. Through Recreational Therapy they become part of a path that leads children and young people to be able to socialise with others, to be in a group, and to be protagonists. Because this is what we try to do.”

Vito Bigro, Operative Director of Dynamo Camp


For Dynamo's ex-guests, the "ex-campers", the foundation created the Alumni program in 2016 with the aim of keeping supporting these young people even after their experience as children, and accompanying them in building a life path, including a professional one, by involving them in various paths including Performing Arts.

“Thanks to Enel Cuore, which made it possible to realise a project with a multi-year perspective, the real way to work with young people and create an impact in their lives. It's exciting to applaud the children and Dynamo staff at the highest point of the Performing Arts course, and we are all the more pleased to do so in a theatre in Rome, a city where Dynamo's presence is growing, and where we are working to establish a permanent Dynamo City Camp, to meet the needs of children and families in their cities.”

Serena Porcari, CEO of Dynamo Camp


From the theatre stage to the stage of life

The concrete impact of the project is perfectly expressed by a girl who participated in the Dynamo Camp Alumni Project: stepping onto the stage of the theatre is a bit like preparing to step onto the stage of life, playing a character with that extra courage that guides you in everyday life.

“When I go on stage I completely become the character, or at least another version of me. I am definitely more determined and sure about what I want and what I also dream of for my future, and this experience has also, in a way, given me more determination and courage in life overall.”

Debora, Alumni project

Debora's and the other protagonists of 'SognAbile' is an experience that will help them to face the stage of life through self-realisation on a human and professional level, and of their dreams.