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20 years, thousands of stories, a great humanity

20 years, thousands of stories, a great humanity

Our 20th anniversary is dedicated to those who are always on the right side: the one where there is most need.

20 years for the most vulnerable, communities, and the growth of territories.

20 years of Enel Cuore: solidarity, inclusion and quality of life

Special wishes for our 20th anniversary


Since 2003 we have supported more than 950 projects and donated about 120 million euro to help those who help: Third Sector organisations operating throughout Italy with initiatives for social inclusion, job placement, combating school drop-outs, protecting health and health and accompanying paths to autonomy for the most fragile.

20 years have passed and we strongly confirm our mission: to be at the service of the communities and territories, listening to people's needs, implementing concrete actions able to tangible responses and to create a bridge between institutions, civil society and the Third Sector, strengthening their relationship and dialogue.

On the 12th of December at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome we celebrated this anniversary with the traditional Christmas concert of the JuniOrchestra of the Accademia Nazionale of Santa Cecilia, an expression of musical talent that we support with 15 scholarships.

Our commitment in four areas of intervention is a path of closeness to people and of capillary support, with particular attention to marginalised and disadvantaged areas of the country, but also immediate interventions in crisis situations, such as the initiatives put in field during the pandemic and the donation for the recent flooding in Emilia-Romagna.


Education culture

To build a better tomorrow, the starting point is education. By supporting initiatives in this area we try to ensure fair, quality and inclusive education to fight against school drop-outs and educational inequalities.

Examples are the Fare Scuola project together with the Reggio Children Foundation - Loris Malaguzzi Centre, the Base Camps - Territorial Educational Centres, or the Next Land project with the Next Level Association, focused on giving a new educational value to school spaces, supporting the study of children at risk of marginalisation and with Special Educational Needs, and raising awareness of the importance of STEM disciplines.

The early years of life and adolescence are the most sensible times in a person's growth. That is why, together with Save The Children, we support children from 0 to 3 years old with the Polo 1000 days project, while with MOIGE we aim to spread a more digital-awareness among children and families to fight all kinds of bullying through the “Giovani Ambasciatori per la cittadinanza digitale” project.

Special attention is also paid to the youngest children with cognitive fragility, who in Turin, thanks to the HPL Centre of the Associazione Consulta per le persone in difficoltà, have a pathway with customised specialist support available from the first grade of primary school so that they can develop useful skills both in school subjects and in everyday life.

We believe in the educational values of sport that can make a decisive contribution to the education, training and development of young people: that's why we support Sport Power of Sport Senza Frontiere Onlus and the Comunità Frontiera Lillo Zarba and Vincenzo Fontana Onlus which, with the Città dei Ragazzi project in Mola di Bari, aims to prevent youth disadvantage and juvenile deviance through sports-educational activities with the realisation of a real Multi-Sports Centre, a reference point for the entire area.

These are just some of the projects implemented throughout the country that pursue a great common goal: promoting education and inclusion as vital elements for the new generations. They aim to provide every student with the opportunity to express their talent to the fullest and equip them with the necessary tools to seize all the opportunities that the future holds, enabling them to fully realise their dreams.



Integration and social autonomy

In this intervention area, our support is dedicated to all those people who live in a disadvantaged situation, of economic difficulty, social, cultural or gender, or due to physical or cognitive fragility.

Training courses that enhance skills and competences, empowerment initiatives, of accompaniment and reintegration into the world of work: there are numerous projects that we have supported in 20 years and continue to support in order to give everyone the right to a dignified life.

Among these, we recall Fili Intrecciati alongside Oxfam Italy Intercultura, the Autonomy Fund of the D.i.Re Association, the national anti-violence network REAMA by the Pangea Foundation, all dedicated to a theme that, especially in recent years, has seen an exponential increase in women being victims of femicides and harassment: gender-based violence.

A 360-degree support network to help restart the personal, family, and professional lives of those who have suffered violence, enabling them to regain full economic and social freedom. A shared mission also undertaken by the Casa Marzia project of the Arché Foundation, providing a safe haven for single-parent families in need, offering them accommodation to begin their journey towards a new life.

Projects paving the way for new life opportunities and socio-economic autonomy, even for the youth and the most vulnerable. Initiatives like Fast&Future with Borgo Ragazzi Don Bosco, supporting their entry into the workforce; Oasi del Cervo e della Luna by the Domus de Luna Foundation, combining biodiversity preservation with a growth path and job integration; Cime di Rapa 4.0, a project focused on social entrepreneurship, inclusion, and environmental protection; Fenix 2 with Centro ELIS, aimed at promoting socio-economic reintegration for minors and young adults in conflict with the law through technical and professional training. Another effort is in the collaboration with the Social Cooperative Download: the Ethical Hotel and the first Independence Academy dedicated to individuals with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, providing them with training to work in the tourism and hospitality sector.

The "Nel Cuore del Sud" initiative, launched in collaboration with the Con Il Sud Foundation, is yet another testament to how social and employment integration pathways for individuals facing vulnerabilities or at risk of marginalisation represent not only a new perspective for growth among those living in challenging socio-economic situations but also an opportunity for territorial development. This call has supported several projects ranging from craftsmanship to agriculture, from gastronomy to weaving, reinstating value in endangered traditions.


Poverty and inclusion

The latest Caritas report highlights how, in 2022, absolute poverty in Italy reached its historic peak, with over 2.1 million families experiencing absolute poverty. That's why we stand alongside organisations working tirelessly every day to provide accommodation, assistance, as well as healthcare and essential services with the aim of reducing social inequalities.

Hand in hand with Caritas, we supported the restructuring of the "Santa Giacinta" Shelter, a reference point in Rome for homeless individuals. Additionally, in collaboration with the Progetto Arca Foundation, we supported the “Empori Solidali e Cucine Mobili”, a project providing food support to the most vulnerable and homeless individuals, aiming to restore a new sense of dignity and assist them with reception programs and social support.

Further examples in this realm include our longstanding collaboration with the Sant'Egidio Community, supporting the elderly, and "Varcare la Soglia," the national program by the Albero della Vita Foundation aimed at combating economic, social, and educational poverty. With our support, this initiative expanded to multiple cities through the CostellAzioni project, encompassing activities ranging from financial and food support to educational assistance.

Furthermore, in support of the reception and assistance of civilians fleeing from Ukraine, we backed projects by Save The Children and UNHCR Italy. Once again, we intervened where the need was greatest, such as at the border crossing in Tarvisio, in the Blue Dots, providing places to find rescue and offering medical, psychological, legal, and linguistic support.


Health Protection

Our support is aimed at those Third Sector associations that work to bring care to those in difficulty and to those who work every day to make social and health services more accessible, inclusive and innovative for the well-being of sick people and their families.

When we talk about younger patients, the importance of letting them experience the disease in the most serene way possible becomes an essential mission: this is why we believe in the effectiveness of projects such as the new TOG Carlo De Benedetti Centre in Milan, which was created to provide an innovative response to the challenges of many families, increasing rehabilitation opportunities for children and young people with neurological diseases. To safeguard children living through the difficult experience of the disease, we also supported the Buzzi Foundation by donating Children's Hospital “Vittore Buzzi” in Milan an innovative paediatric magnetic resonance, which has made it possible to double the number of diagnostic examinations performed each year and reduce the need and time for sedation.

Other examples of health-focused projects include "Volontariato 4.0" by LILT Milano Monza Brianza and "A Casa lontani da Casa," providing accommodation and support to those forced into health-related migration. Another initiative is in collaboration with AIL, offering home care for elderly patients: a nursing, medical, rehabilitative, and psychological service for patients over 65 in various areas of Italy. This service aims to enhance the quality of life within their own homes, sparing them the discomfort of relocation.

In this context, information and awareness among students are also crucial for preventing mental health disorders. This is precisely the focus of the action taken by the Progetto Itaca Foundation, which promotes the development of a new awareness about mental health issues in schools and families across various Italian cities.

The right to health is owed to everyone, which is why we supported S.F.I.D.E. (Women's Health, Inclusion, Rights, and Equity), Emergency's project aimed at improving the socio-health conditions of women and children in need or migrants in the provinces of Naples and Caserta. This initiative offers various forms of care, along with prevention activities, psychological support, language mediation, and guidance.

For over 20 years to leave no one behind

The main emerging needs in the current national context urge us to continue our path and to reinforce and expand our commitment in these areas, in particular: combating multidimensional poverty in all its forms (material, economic, occupational, housing, food, educational, and healthcare) and its intergenerational transmission; preventing and fighting against gender-based violence and discrimination; supporting quality and inclusive education, combating school dropout rates, and fostering the creation of strong educational communities; facilitating the social and professional integration of vulnerable individuals and those at risk of marginalisation, even within correctional facilities; supporting children and vulnerable individuals experiencing illness; safeguarding people where the need is greatest.

For 20 years and more, we are energy for those who help.